MediTract Incorporates Access to SIGNiX's E-Signature for Reorganizing Healthcare Workflow

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CHATTANOOTA, TN: SIGNiX , a solution provider of cloud based electronic signature has opened up opportunities by announcing strategic partnership with MediTract, an exclusive contract lifecycle management company solely dedicated to healthcare.

E-Signature has a massive role to play in the field of healthcare services, so as to individually address the operations related to electronic documents, while simultaneously following compliance regulations.   SIGNiX will be using the platform to share its patented Independent E-Signature solutions with the healthcare industry.

Meditract on the other hand is at the vanguard of convoluted and continually evolving regulatory environment. It will now be clubbing a full set of hospital compliance entities into its contract lifecycle management processes.

The tie-up will further automate its contract management solutions and hence enable healthcare providers to save time, effort and money. MediTract utilizes this outcome to infuse it in patient care and reinforce its security prowess. It will be leveraging SIGNiX’s technology to seamlessly select and incorporate the complicated operations of third-party product.

The Independent E-Signature solution strongly embeds the legal proof of a signature into a signed document that is modeled to meet the strict requirements of standard healthcare and life science industries compliances. The technology is designed to ensure healthcare providers to digitally sign documents from anywhere on virtually from any device, hence providing an indefinite access to secure and future-proof solution for documents and signature.