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MEMS Ultra-Low Pressure Sensor from SMI

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

MILPITAS, CA: Silicon Microstructures (SMI) have recently introduced SM9543-005M-D-C-3-S MEMS pressure sensor designed specifically for the ultra-low pressure market. The new sensor raises the standard for next generation ultra-low pressure products with a I2C digital interface coupled with the highest accuracy and stability in the industry.

The core of SM9543 is the MEMS pressure transducer with SMI’s proprietary silicon technology platform. This will enable user to attain the highest level of accuracy with long-term high performance as required by the medical industry. Coupled with the MEMS pressure sensor is a state-of-the-art signal conditioning IC which provides complete pressure calibration and temperature compensation with a user-friendly I2C digital interface. The housing for the sensor is of standard surface mount technology standards and features a JEDEC compliant SOIC-16 footprint for straight-forward PCB design and assembly.

The main features includes compensated Temperature Range -50 degrees C to +65 degrees C, Accuracy of ±1.5% FS, I2C digital Interface, Stable Offset Voltage, 14-bit resolution, 3.3V, and RoHS and REACH compliances.

Digital output and proprietary ultra-low pressure die combines to provide features like higher resolution, better response time and easy interface with applications. The SM9543 allows for customization and calibration to meet individual customer requirement.

The markets for the sensor are those using VAV Controllers, HVAC, CPAP, Sleep Apnea, Exhaust Hoods, Spirometers and Life Sciences.