Menlo Joins Forces with Webroot in the Fight against Malware

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MENLO PARK, CA: Menlo, a unique cyber security company that protects against malware from Web and email without any endpoint software, has announced its partnership with Webroot. Webroot provides real-time, actionable threat intelligence, to deliver granular (multi-level) threat intelligence, for Menlo Security’s isolation platform through integration with the Webroot BrightCloud Web Classification Service.

The key component of Menlo Security’s Web Isolation Service being URL classification information from Webroot which accounts for robust forensic and policy abilities, is crucial for IT and security professionals. For most enterprises, denying access to malicious websites can translate into increased productivity and reducing risk.

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform claims to provide a new level of security that prevents any malware from reaching user devices through compromised or malicious websites. Security is implemented through isolation and execution of all web content in the public or private cloud and delivering only safe, malware-free rendering content to the end user’s device.

The Web classification data and threat intelligence provided by Webroot enables administrators of Menlo Security Web Isolation Platform to introduce granular permissions that selectively allow, block or isolate websites based on 83+ categories. All these combines to facilitate increased productivity and empowers the administrators to track and analyze all web usage.