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Mentor Graphics Elevates Shop Floor Management with Valor IoT Manufacturing solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FREMONT, CA: A global provider of electronic hardware and software design services, Mentor Graphics has announced its secure plug and play IoT device and data acquisition solution for electronics manufacturing, Valor IoT Manufacturing. It features embedded software for real time collection of data from all shop-floor machines and processes, thus stepping up the standards of communication in Open Manufacturing Language (OML). Valor IoT manufacturing solution implements Industry 4.0 standards and helps connect the shop-floor with enterprise applications such as MES, ERP, supply chain and PLM.

The Valor Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a platform to develop and deploy applications and allows integrating the same with enterprise solutions. Valor SDK serves Java and .Net environments and comes with features such as documentation, testing tools and samples. The product employs built-in interfaces to access and normalize data from the overall manufacturing cycle including Surface Mount Technology (SMT), hardware and test machines, along with manual operations such as assembly, test and repair.

“With OML bringing interoperability to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing, the Valor solution will revolutionize automated electronics assembly industry of today” says Dick Slansky, Senior Analyst, PLM and Industry, ARC advisory group. He further states that mass customization of manufactured electronics is possible with Mentor’s plug-and-play, comprehensive, secure networking and connectivity solutions.

The all inclusive architecture of the Valor IoT Manufacturing suite allows curbing potential networking and connectivity issues, providing a real time flow of bulk data. The product also features power back-up, high data integrity and security and a fail-safe data management. It is useful for IT managers, Supply Chain and Material Managers, Asset Managers and Quality Managers.

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