Merging DevOps and Marketing to Uplift businesses
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Merging DevOps and Marketing to Uplift businesses

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The advancement of the technologies has made it obligatory for developers and marketers to meet on a common platform. The platform of a conglomeration between software development and marketing drives organizations with speeding up software release cycles, improving product quality and augmenting platform security. Also, DevOps improves performance, outcomes, productivity, and products’ market share. However, there is a developing discrepancy between marketing and DevOps that makes the businesses struggle to bridge them.

DevOps needs marketers’ collaborations to elevate business growth. And marketing is in need of DevOps to create a strong and reliable IT backbone to improve the user experience and customer satisfaction.

Marketing and DevOps should play together: Both of them are aiming for the same goal. Marketing aims to grow the customer-base and target specific consumers where developers focus on providing friction-free customer satisfaction by improving products. Organizations need marketing to promote the software and sales team to have good customer interaction with the product. 

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Need for amalgamation between software development and product marketing: Software release cycles and sales funnel are interdependent. Software only enhances the platform for marketing to promote products, post, and press releases. The partnership between them enables to partner programs and resell them which are automatically updated by DevOps.   

Analyzing data collectively by DevOps and marketing peaks CRM optimization: Predictive analytics helps the collaboration in IT-driven automation, organizes data regarding customers’ browsing history. It formulates the foundation that promotes customer retention and sales growth. The DevOps team makes it easy for customer relationship management (CRM) to organize consumer usage and response in real-time. DevOps is able to direct the marketers to regard messages about any product that should be conveyed to the consumer. 

How DevOps helps marketing: Consumer is concerned about how software can benefit their business. If they are not convinced enough by the personalization of the products they are least likely to buy that. To solve the issue marketing focuses on tailoring the message to fit each demographic to fulfill a specific need with the help of the developing team.

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