Meridian Brings In PinPoint 2.0 Healthcare Software, an Enhanced Data Location Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 8, 2015

DALLAS, TX: Meridian Healthcare Intelligence, a healthcare software company announces the launch of PinPoint 2.0.  The mainstay software application locates data and integrates seamlessly with existing systems to provide instant results. The new version addresses regulatory changes in the Long Term Acute Care(LTAC) sector along with other enhancements.

PinPoint software package facilitates hospital executives to determine the best practices and thereby manage the cost of a patient's treatment more effectively. PinPoint 2.0 caters to operators of all sizes to handle different patient management programs in a much enhanced way with respect to the new regulations. Moreover, the massive advancements incorporated into the existing platform gives users significant reporting flexibility while eliminating reporting sprawl.

Quick search features, advanced filtering options, multi-hospital comparisons and speed are the other add on features. Apart from these, the already existing benefits such as the ability to compare physician performance, identify wasteful spending, track costs down to the line item detail, project patient profitability and provide cost benefit analysis of potential or existing patients will also be available.

"I believe that we are the first and only software provider to market with tools that help providers manage the new regulatory environment in the LTAC sector. As a SaaS provider we are able to adapt more quickly than others to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, which permits us to be extremely supportive of our clients. PinPoint 2.0 is a testament to those facts," says Meridian, CEO,Chris LeBlanc.