Meridium Unveils New APM Solution to Innovate Asset Management with IIoT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Meridium, a provider of asset performance management (APM) software and services, announces the immediate availability of fourth generation Meridium Enterprise APM, the complete enterprise APM solution that enables industry to harness the value of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The fourth generation of Meridium's APM software enhances the user experience by delivering an asset-centric, contextual solution with an improved interface completely enabled for both desktop and mobile devices across a variety of platforms and operating systems. The Meridium APM Framework includes an integration platform for asset performance data, a common set of core analysis tools for decision support, standardized recommendation management and a risk-based approach to asset criticality.

Integrated Enterprise Asset Performance Management acts as insurance that helps guarantee efficient, safe and reliable operations while processing on-spec products without fear of mechanical failure or production disruption. Combining enhanced connectivity, mobility and deployment options and Google-like search to create a single view of asset risk will move an organization farther along the path to operational excellence.

True Asset Performance Management should be more than just a string of point solutions. Providing the basis for Meridium’s comprehensive software, APM Foundation manages data across multiple functional areas, systems and geographic locations to provide true enterprise-level solutions. The value of the Meridium APM Framework is to leverage current business systems to provide the proper context for evaluating all asset risk and performance information and enable a framework for sustainability and continuous improvement.

"The promise of the IIoT is real, but for all this new accurate data to have value, industry will require more than OEM-specific M2M platforms or standalone point solutions. Enabling the IIoT requires connecting disparate information sources, creating storage capacity for exploding volumes of big data, comprehensive analytics, expert content presented in context, and most importantly, Intelligent Asset Strategies (IAS)’’ says Bonz Hart, founder and CEO, Meridium.. 

These strategies are the engine for the IIoT that drives improved asset performance and reliability, reduced operational risk, and optimized costs. Meridium has been working with clients since 1993 on asset strategies, along with M2M communication.  Over the years, our clients have seen significant value and now have worked with us to create Intelligent Asset Strategies to leverage the data of the IIoT," adds Hart.