Mesh Payment Expands its Spend Management Platform with SaaS Payment Management
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Mesh Payment Expands its Spend Management Platform with SaaS Payment Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Summary: Mesh Payments’ SaaS Payment Management solution is a central point where business leaders collaborate to manage all SaaS products and make more smart financial decisions.

Fremont, CA: SaaS solutions are used to manage today's modern businesses, with many companies using 100 or more services at any given time. Duplicate subscriptions, services that are no longer needed, and paying for far too many licences are all issues posed by the sheer volume of these subscriptions. SaaS Payment Management solves these problems by allowing companies to manage all of their corporate SaaS spendings in one location, with comprehensive insights such as consumption data and a thorough grasp of their processes and connectors.

Mesh Payments is expanding its spend management platform with a new, industry-first set of SaaS payment management features that will provide finance managers with a higher level of insight into corporate spend, as well as new tools and products to help them optimize it. Mesh's SaaS Payment Management, which is currently available, supports the company's ambition to change the way finance teams work by giving them the intelligence they need to optimize SaaS spending across the organization in real-time fully. As the Mesh spend management platform- No other solution offers the same level of support to finance managers — the right persona within enterprises to fully optimize expenditure.

“As SaaS products have become a vital lifeline and significant portion of many businesses budgets, they have also become one of the biggest pain points for finance teams faced with duplicate subscriptions, services and paying for too many licenses,” said Oded Zehavi, co-founder and CEO of Mesh Payments. “A platform that helps finance teams manage subscription spending is long overdue, and for the first time, financial decision-makers now have the power to optimize their SaaS spend quickly and easily. With visibility into all of the insights around SaaS subscriptions under their organizations umbrella, they have the tools to gain insight into which subscriptions are working for--or against--the business.”