Mesosphere, EMC Collaborate to Bolster Apache Mesos with Greater Storage Options

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Mesosphere, the company behind   Data center Operating System (DCOS), announces collaboration with EMC to broaden data center storage options within Apache Mesos architectures; the aim is to provide greater storage options as common services in the Mesosphere DCOS. EMC associates in this partnership through EMC {code}, a team of open source and developer advocates at EMC.

Mesosphere and EMC have also announced two new projects developed under the collaboration. The projects, Docker Volume Driver Interface Isolation Module and Docker Volume Driver CLI, have enabled Mesosphere DCOS to support block-based storage platforms such as EMC’s ScaleIO, Amazon Elastic Block Store, OpenStack Cinder and more. It allows Mesos agents and framework to tap into external storage systems. Users can now connect Mesos workloads to existing volumes and create new volumes for their Mesos workloads by specifying the storage and IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) needs.

Docker Volume Driver Interface Isolation Module (mesos-module-dvdi) resides within the Mesos agent enabling existing Docker volume drivers to interoperate with Mesos. The Docker Volume Driver CLI (dvd-cli) utilizes existing Docker code base to ensure compatibility with the Volume Driver interface. With these projects, existing volume plugins that work for Docker can now operate natively with Mesos framework or agent.

Frameworks and applications that consume resources in Apache Mesos leverage direct attached storage. External volume support will enhance Mesos agents’ ability to utilize external or network storage for tasks. The capabilities of Mesosphere’s DCOS can be extended by opening storage platform to Apache Mesos, allowing developers to specify new volumes for each task and reducing management complexity for external storage.