Mesosphere Infinity: the Real-Time Big Data and IoT Solution
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Mesosphere Infinity: the Real-Time Big Data and IoT Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The developer of Datacenter Operating System (DCOS), Mesosphere today announced the debut of its new product Infinity, the first real-time enterprise ready time open source solution for companies. It lets organizations yield maximum benefit from new business opportunities created by the rise of ubiquitous data, including fraud and anomaly detection, real-time personalization and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Mesosphere Infinity brings together three major business sectors—Internet of Things (IoT), Real-Time Data-Driven Customer Interaction Solutions and Real-Time Business Insight Platforms.

Developed in collaboration with Cisco Systems,it’s a turnkey, full-stack offering optimized for Big Data and IoT. Infinity is powered by Mesosphere DCOS, and built using open source Apache Mesos, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassendra and Akka. As part of its development contributions, Cisco has optimized Cisco Intercloud services for Mesosphere Infinity and has quite a number of customers already running the stack in production.

Florian Leibert, CEO and Co-founder of Mesosphere says, “Collaborating closely with our partners like Cisco and Confluent, Mesosphere Infinity makes it possible for companies of all sizes and levels of engineering sophistication to adopt these new technologies. The product removes operational obstacles and makes this combination of technologies accessible to the broad enterprise computing market."

Intel has also validated the stack as being suitable at scale on Intel hardware for the most demanding production deployment requirements.

Mesosphere has partnered with vendors of new datacenter frameworks to ensure that Infinity customers have a turnkey DCOS experience. These companies specialize in specific domains and services and have collaborated with Mesosphere to provide the underlying technology and will be assisting in the ongoing innovation, maintenance and support of these services.