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Messaging Services can Boost Hotel Business by Leveraging Data

By CIOReview | Friday, June 8, 2018

Hotel brands, unlike other verticals in the travel industry, are registering lower rates of satisfaction from their mobile strategies. According to a comprehensive survey conducted by EyeforTravel and SAP on the efficacy of mobile messaging services in satisfying the customers, hospitality lagged far behind. As many as 90 percent of the respondents from verticals apart from hospitality tasted success through mobile messaging, whereas in case of hospitality the number was 72 percent. A possible reason behind this gap could be the lack of efforts taken by hospitality brands in implementing the personalization component in their messaging channels. As a result, these brands fail to build healthy relationships with their customers, in turn failing to reap optimum benefits out of their messaging services.

What hotels have solely been succeeding at includes delivering booking confirmations and welcome messages when travelers check in. On the other hand, they are nowhere up to the mark with regard to sending messages that rely on data. Hotels along with other hospitality and accommodation companies need to revise their mobile messaging strategies and emphasize more on sending targeted as well as interactive messages.

Brands should make an effort to assure their presence wherever customers are present. For instance, to attract customers existing on social media, companies need to devise plans to engage them on various social media platforms. Also, sending invitation messages to guests prior to their check-ins, recording and maintaining the guest information along with their preferences, and leveraging it in future to deliver messages offering personalization options to them can do wonders to a hotel’s business.

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