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Meta Downhole Limited Acquired by Schlumberger

By CIOReview | Friday, April 15, 2016

Metalmorphology technology is an additional assetHOUSTON: The downhole isolation company Meta Downhole Limited was recently acquired by Schlumberger, a global supplier of integrated project management solution. The purchase of Meta Downhole Limited will not only strengthen the already existing innovative downhole technology but will also form an extension to the Schlumberger’s suite of solutions.

Headquartered at Aberdeen, Scotland the Meta Downhole Limiteds’ Metalmorphology technology is an additional asset, which is deployed in various set of applications in order to improvise over structural and casing integrity, and isolated selected zones. It also facilitates slot recovery or assures plug-and-abandonment integrity, and seal tiebacks in new wells. Metalmorphology has become a novel pathway of working–a route that is redefining and delivers optimum levels of reliability and flexibility in downhole isolation. Metalmorphology utilizes the working principles of metal that can balance the strength of steel in order to shape metal downhole and create solutions that align correctly with the shape of the well. “We will take a quantum leap forward in advancing our downhole completion in technology offering with Meta’s unique proven technologies,” says Olivier Le Peuch, President, Completions, Schlumberger.

With Metalmorphology technology’ implementation, operators can avail the benefits of axial load-bearing, gas-tight and compliant life-of-well solution. The technology is based on the established principles to shape metal downhole that accurately conforms to the geometry of the wellbore casing or liner, delivering permanent metal-to-metal isolation. “We can offer our customers reliable and flexible solutions to address downhole isolation challenges, when combined with their metal-to-metal isolation expertise and operational track record,” adds Le Peuch.