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Methods of Retaining Data Scientists for Business Processes

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Data is at the core of every business and every organization needs access to huge amount of data to operate their operations. Data analysts and scientists seep through that data to provide efficient business plans to corporations.

FREMONT, CA: Most enterprises forget that recruiting precise talent is just as much about them as it is about the candidates. Numerous reasons can lead to a data scientist leaving an organization, and often, these things are in the company’s control. If the enterprise does not provide access to data and the necessary apparatuses for data scientists to work efficiently, it will lead to frustration. Moreover, these impediments make it hard for data scientists to reach their goals and function to their utmost level.

The senior management needs to appreciate the value of a data-driven culture; else, a data scientist will feel unacknowledged. Even if data is at the core of a business, a data scientist is often left out of the decision-making process, which disinterests them from the hard work they have put in.

Steps to attract a data scientist to work for a business are:

1. The Right Challenge:

Data scientists are often drawn to innovation that they want to be a part of. By pushing the boundaries of data analytics, business operators can attract data scientists. Data scientists want their job to be engaging and challenging.

2. The Right Tools:

Without the appropriate tools in place, data professionals might only be working with fragmented datasets and might not have access to the right data. In order to gain insights to transform the business process, the right tools need to be supplied to data experts.

3. The Right Level of Empowerment:

With the right apparatuses in place, employees need to be given the appropriate space, time, and trust to work creatively. By considering data experts’ insights, companies can build their way towards success.

4. The Right Training and Development:

It is essential that data scientists are incessantly challenged and are developing new skills to keep up with the ever-developing market. The enterprise should open up a dialogue with the data professionals to look after their demands.

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