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Methods that Help Businesses to Become Agile

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In today’s digital world, collaboration, adaptability, flexibility, and teamwork is key to becoming agile. Although agile has often been associated with software development, it is making its way into the operational structure of organizations. From start-up businesses to giant corporations, every industry is embracing the agile methodology to bring its employees and processes together to support the organizational goals and vision.

Several methods could be adopted by both new and established businesses to create a workplace with all the benefits of the agile methodology.

1. Utilize the smart devices to the fullest

The most efficient way to become agile is to not only acquire the latest technology and digital devices but also to make use of these to ensure enhanced productivity. With the usage of smartphones and tablets, employees can carry out  their office tasks when commuting to and fro from their office, thus boosting their agility. Additionally, mobile devices also reduce the ‘ideal time’ drastically, as people can check and respond to the emails, queries, and messages that their colleagues send to them.

2. Bring the overseas office or clients closer through video calls

Conference video calls are one of the preferable options to brainstorm business strategies, as oppose to conducting physical meetings. Moreover, in situations which require immediate attention of all the teams or employees or stakeholders, video calls are the most efficient and effective way of communicating the message to several people. This helps businesses in improving their agility without spending much time.

3. Collaboration among team members using digital tools

The first rule of agility is to improve communication among employees. Organizations can leverage the benefits of collaboration tools such as Slack and Asana to track and manage the work that has been assigned to various employees and teams. This approach of working builds a unified workforce within a company that allows employees to connect with one another, and share their files or projects with their colleague from any location.

4. Unified Communication is the answer to a more agile way of working

According to the Gartner, Unified Communications (UC) products are “those that facilitate the use of multiple enterprise communication methods”. This technology enables businesses to run from any location, because when a customer calls an organization’s landline number, it goes directly to the mobile of the concerned person within the company.