Micron Unveils New Range of Storage Offerings in Collaboration with VMware, Supermicro, and Nexenta

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 21, 2016

Range of storage solutionsFREMONT, CA: Micron Technology has unveiled a new range of storage solutions, the Micron Accelerated Solutions, built in partnership with IT giants like VMware, Supermicro, and Nexenta. The Micron Accelerated Solutions, accredited with Micron’s SOLID Ready seal, is an architected, streamlined, and customized solution, from storage core to the application level. The solution allows enterprises to manage diverse applications including software defined storage platforms, virtualized workload infrastructures, OpenStack, and big data environments.

The Micron Accelerated Solutions developed in collaboration with VMware, Supermicro, and Nexenta comprises of three All-flash (AF) Ready Nodes– the Micron Virtual SAN AF-4, AF-6, and AF-8 Ready Nodes. The Nodes provide VMware vSphere administrators with superior performance and claims up to 40 times the IOPs and bandwidth, and 1/40th the latency as compared to traditional HDD. The VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes are equipped with additional features like deduplication, compression and erasure coding.

In addition, Micron has also introduced a new set of PCIe Solid State Drives (SSDs) – Micron 9100 and 7100 PCIe– packed with NVMe protocol capabilities. The new SSDs allow data center customers to build an agile, scale-out IT infrastructure while enhancing the customers’ existing data centers. The Micron 9100 is purpose-built for operating in the most challenging conditions and delivers results that are ten times faster than a single data center SATA SSD. In contrast, the Micron 7100 combines the speed and efficiency of NVMe with the low cost and power reliability features of SATA.

Furthermore, the Micron Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution designed with Supermicro facilitates businesses in meeting the extensive data demands through a robust foundation for large private clouds. Also in the pipeline from Micron is the Micron Accelerated NexentaEdge Solution, a high performance, simply scalable, full featured all-flash block and object storage built on NexentaEdge scale-out Software-Defined Storage. The solution, fitted with cluster-wide inline deduplication and compression augments the storage capacity of virtual machines up to five times. It also carries other features including real-time self-balancing, continuous load distribution across multiple devices for maximized flash endurance, and simple management through CLI, REST API along with a customized graphical user-interface.