Microsemi Rolls Out Ultra Compact RF Module for Medical Devices
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Microsemi Rolls Out Ultra Compact RF Module for Medical Devices

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ALISO VIEJO, CA: Microsemi Corporation, a manufacturer of semiconductor and RF components for defense, aerospace and industrial market, has announced the availability of a compact RF module, ZL70323, for implanting in medical devices like cardiac defibrillators and neurostimulators.

Neurostimulators are designed to deliver electrical stimulation to the brain, central and peripheral nervous system to treat neurological disorders and neuropathic pain. ZL70323 is based on ZL70103 transceiver chip that supports high data rate RF link for medical embeddable communication applications. The ZL70323 integrates all the circuitry and functionality needed to deploy a full-fledged radio solution. Its key features include RX sensitivity of -102 dBm at 200 kbit/s and lower data rates up to 18.18 kbit/s. The module is specifically tailored maximize performance and minimize power consumption as well as reduce circuit complexity on application board.

"Our radio modules allow medical device companies to focus more of their research dollars and development efforts on new therapies that enable a better quality of life. The reduction in size makes it easier for companies to design smaller devices that aid patient comfort and reduce risk of infection, as a smaller incision is needed," said Martin McHugh, Product Manager, Microsemi.

ZL70323 module provides 2.45 gigahertz (GHz) wake-up receiver compatible to network, integrated 24 MHz reference frequency crystal, decoupling capacitors and series termination resistors. In addition it offers ZL70103 based MICS band RF transceiver with integrated matching network, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter for suppression of unwanted blockers, and antenna tuning. Microsemi’s ZL70323 radio solution is available along application development kit (ADK) to certain clients.

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