Microsoft Attempting To Remove The Passwords Login Concept
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Microsoft Attempting To Remove The Passwords Login Concept

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2022

In today's time, an average person has to remember around 100 passwords for various systems, a wearisome affair which is affecting people for a long time now.

FREMONT, CA: The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates caught himself amid a controversy when he stated in 2004 that spam will be solved two years from then. Microsoft has been having a poor reputation when it comes to the security and reliability of its products as per the reports. Back in 2004, Gates mentioned the problem of spam, meaning the huge amount of emails that are received from various sources daily and occupy spaces in the inboxes unnecessarily. The company, however, has been successful in solving the concern over time, the email addresses presently receive less spam, which is made possible by the anti-spam technology effectively. Passwords are one of the biggest concerns at present, occupying an average person’s time and effort in remembering them for various systems (apps).

It is almost a wearisome affair to remember passwords in bulk and many a time, people use the same passwords on different sites making it less secure. To solve this concern, Fido (Fast identity online) was introduced, to reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. Fido has been working to develop authentication protocols, making the login process easier and more secure. Its much-appreciated developments were about setting the standard to allow users to register and sign in to the OS, websites and applications without any need for a password.

In recent times, usage of PINs or a biometric login in smartphones has become the key to authentication, this way man is now able to distance himself from the need to remember passwords. Apple, Microsoft and Google have announced their plans to implement Fido-complaint which is a passwordless sign-in process this year on the occasion of world password day. They aim to apply the concept of Fido across all their smart devices which include mobile, desktop, laptops and other browser platforms.