Microsoft Azure Drops Prices on Par with Amazon

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FREMONTt, CA: Following the neck to neck competition between Amazon and Microsoft in cloud, the software giants have decided to delight customers by lowering prices of their cloud storage service.  

Amazon had announced on Thursday it will drop the prices of its Simple Storage Service (S3) by 22 percent and its EBS standard volume storage and I/O operations by up to 50 percent. Following this move by Amazon, Microsoft also dropped the prices of its Azure Storage transactions by 50 percent, which now matches Amazon’s price. “We're also making the new prices effective worldwide, which means that Azure storage will be less expensive than AWS in many regions," Microsoft said.

Microsoft last year said it would keep its prices for the most basic cloud computing services exactly in line with Amazon. While this is certainly a great news for Azure customers as well as customers who are contemplating to switch service providers, it will require a bit wait since the Microsoft price drops will come into effect on March 12, more than a month after the Amazon price drops take effect.

With this latest announcement, Microsoft might grab a slight lead on storage pricing but only until Amazon bounces back with something interesting.