Microsoft Azure to be a Platform for Everyone

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 19, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft is making plans to open up its Azure platform to everyone; the company is urging to make all non Windows workloads compatible and comfortable with Azure platform, reports Ben Kepes for Forbes.

In the coming years, undoubtfully Microsoft will witness several hypes and embrace various technologies. As a start to this move, Microsoft has announced the launch of Hadoop based cloud tool that runs on Linux. Parallely, it has also made Azure ML service, a machine-learning tool-set widely acceptable with a support to Python, a high-level programming language.

Microsoft, as an add up to its existing Azure Stream Analytics will be working on storm, an open source analytics tool. The company will also make deal with Informatica, a data integration vendor, making its cloud agent available in Windows and Linux on Azure platform.

Microsoft is now on a par with Amazon Web Services (AWS) , making their platform open to all organizations; and its now the turn of customers to decide whether to go for Azure or AWS.