Microsoft Brings PlayReady-Protected Video Streaming for Azure Media Service Customers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 30, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft unveils PlayReady encryption service for its cloud-enabled Azure Media Services with streaming protocols such as, HTTP-live-streaming (HLS), Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.

Various broadcasters and businesses use Microsoft’s Azure Media Services to transcode and provide video streams to computers, mobile and set-top media boxes. PlayReady encryption will give a new option with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) service to deliver a secured video content provided for the customers, as reported by Pedro Hernandez from eWeek News.

PlayReady includes encryption, output protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM), a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media. The encrypted live streams follow three step processes: set a content key, key authorization policy and content delivery policy on customers’ assets.

 The PlayReady-protected streaming delivers a multiplatform support including Silverlight player, Client SDK for iOS and Android. The customers can have the freedom to utilize this encryption method according to their own choices. For example, the user can create AES encrypted HLS stream and PlayReady encrypted DASH stream.

PlayReady incorporates various features including: concept of domain where same users can share the same license belonging to same group devices; and embedded licenses that eliminates the step for license acquisition. The encryption is platform independent that can be ported to any portable device.

“Customers now have everything they need to quickly build great, extremely scalable, end-to-end media solutions for streaming on-demand video to consumers on any device,” says Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP, Windows Azure. “For example, users can easily build a media service for delivering training videos to employees in their company, stream video content for their Website or build a premium video-on-demand service like Hulu or Netflix.”