Microsoft Cloud Partner Forceworks Launches RapidStart
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Microsoft Cloud Partner Forceworks Launches RapidStart

By CIOReview | Monday, May 12, 2014

TAMPA, FL: Forceworks, Microsoft certified cloud deployment partner has launched a new program called RapidStart for Dynamics CRM Online. The CRM platform is also acutely integrated with Microsoft Cloud Solutions like office 365, SharePoint Online, Lync and Microsoft Azure. It is exclusively designed to work for the sales aspects of Dynamics CRM Online so that the organizations can tap into profit at the earliest.

"The way I see it you have all the time in the world to deploy all sorts of other capabilities with CRM, but if CRM does not facilitate creating revenue, in a very short period of time, the entire project is doomed," says Steve Mordue, CEO of Forceworks.

On a fixed cost, the RapidStart program deliberates on the Leads, Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts entities and Processes and these entities and processes can be customized to conform to an organization's sales strategy. The program also includes basic training for users as well as administrators. It provides tools for a small or midsized business to manage customers, track and increase sales, and shorten the lead to cash cycle.

"We abandoned and became Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultants as the breadth of cloud solutions Microsoft offers today, Salesforce simply does not. If it was only cloud CRM, it would probably be a toss-up, but customers are expecting a lot more from the cloud today," says Mordue

But the downside is that clients may be in for a delay as Forceworks limits the number of simultaneous RapidStart clients to a 30 day commitment which is set to match the free trial period of Microsoft for Dynamics CRM Online.