Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015- Under Progression

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft has planned for two key Dynamics GP releases this year.

 During the first half of 2014, Microsoft plans to follow up their service pack releases with the R2 version of Dynamics GP 2013. Microsoft's timeline indicated GP 2013 R2 will bring improved workflow and identity management functions and introduce GP's first companion apps.

The next major release, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, will debut during Q4 of 2014. According to Microsoft's blog, Dynamics GP 2015 will feature even "more functionality, more workflow, more apps and a Service Based Architecture that will be the foundation for the further development of Dynamics GP over the next five years."

GP 2015 features second versions of the upcoming identity management capabilities and workflow engine. According to a 2014 calendar of milestones and events for GP, a GP 2015 development preview will be available by July.