Microsoft Merges Sunrise and Outlook to Develop a Better Version of Outlook

By CIOReview | Friday, November 6, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired calendar app Sunrise and now  the company is merging Sunrise with Acompli- an email app acquired by Microsoft last year , reports Tom Warren for The Verge.

The combination will develop a better version of Outlook, a personal information manager from Microsoft, for iOS and Android. The new look of Outlook for iOS features email, calendar, people and files in the front and center of the phone.

With enhanced navigation around the app, it enables users to see and process information more quickly.. Also, the new ‘calendar’ navigation icon now shows new twisted calendar event details with more information and better look.

Apart from all these changes, Microsoft is also planning to bring the same changes to its Outlook for Android apps with several new Material Design. Moreover, it is speculated that the company will soon introduce 3D Touch integration, which enables iOS users to load directly into the calendar.

“Over time we’re going to bring all of the best features from Sunrise to Outlook for iOS and Android. At some point down the line we’ll discontinue Sunrise. We’ll give people enough time to switch, but we want to make sure we focus on Outlook where there are already 30 million people using it,” states Pierre Valade, Director of Product for Outlook Mobile at Microsoft.