Microsoft Now Up with New Mobile Versions of Outlook

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Microsoft office availability is now not limited to iPhones, and iPads; Microsoft has announced outlook for iOS and a preview version of Android iOS and Android devices. It offers free availability of basic features and Microsoft office 365 service advanced tools reports, Harry Mccracken for FAST COMPANY.

On an analysis made on earlier version of Microsoft office suite, absence of a major app i.e. Outlook – a personal email manager which includes calendar, task manager, note making and web browsing is to be noted.  Microsoft by acquiring email startup, Acompli has now come up with latest version of Office for Android and iOS.

With Acompli, Microsoft makes new mobile versions of Office rather than trying to build them from scratch in Redmond. Within less than two months after the acquisition the Outlook is available on Android and iOS devices.

According Javier Soltero, who was Acompli's cofounder and CEO and now GM of Outlook, Outlook wants to achieve wide range of email users from socially active people with zero unread messages to those who have many unread messages.. The Outlook is designed in a way compatible to mobile devices; this mobile version provides useful free versions and additional tools.  Users can now quickly pull the information from other apps.  

Being known as front end for Microsoft’s Exchange email server, Outlook supports Exchange unlike other mobile email apps like Google’s Inbox and Dropbox’s mailbox. . It effectively manages work and personal email on phone or tablet. It supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other email servers. The app also offers calendar features and attachment integration with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. The Outlook app separates the mail into two tabs – focused and other. The important emails will be placed in the focused inbox. If any mail is moved in or out of the focused inbox, Outlook will start to learn which type of mails are important. Also, the feature called scheduled email can temporarily remove emails from inbox and can be retrieved at the time of choosing.