Microsoft Office 2016 Receives a Feature-Rich Update

By CIOReview | Friday, October 2, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The latest version Microsoft Office 2016 gets a makeover with several new features and enhancements to the already existing ones. It tries to get in league with Google Drive by achieving real-time coauthoring for Word. Microsoft does not plan to stop here; instead this feature will be extended to other desktop applications as well in the near future.

 The whole point here is to deliver exceptional customer experience. ‘Tell me’ box, a new feature helps users to search in-app functions like menus, buttons, spacing and more and another functionality named the ‘Insights’ delivers web references and definitions for improved reading experience on Word, powered by Bing.

Excel also gets a touchup with the inclusion of novel types of charts such as, Treemap, Sunburst chart, Waterfall chart, Box plot and Histogram. It also integrates Microsoft’s cloud-enabled business intelligence software, PowerBI to generate reports, track the performance and gain insights.

Targeting organizations requiring higher level of security, Microsoft brings biometrics into play by adding multifactor authentication for secured access to files. As the users are not allowed to share or copy the content considered to be sensitive, it ensures significant data-loss prevention capabilities. Though UI has been modified, the company has retained the custom usage experience.