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Microsoft Pans out its Meeting Scheduling Application for Outlook Users

By CIOReview | Friday, September 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA- Microsoft addresses the need of an efficient Meeting Scheduling application with the launch of FindTime. Released under Microsoft Garage - the Company’s internal R&D platform, it aims at eradicating all the irregularities in scheduling a meeting.  On the Garage platform, new apps and services are trialed for checking user preferences and satisfaction.

One of Microsoft’s acquisition, Sunrise formerly had a meeting planning function too, called Meet. Couple of other meeting scheduling applications, viz., Doodle, Timebridge, and NeedToMeet already exists in the marketplace. However, FindTime provides edge to its users because of its Outlook integration making it an integral part of the app, which is used  worldwide.

With FindTime users can propose meeting time(s) for participants to vote upon. The app leverages Outlook’s free/busy availability information to help them accept or decline proposed times, mark those they prefer and check how the voting went. This smart application will send out meeting invites on user’s behalf when a consensus is reached. While it’s orchestrated to be utilized within Outlook, meeting polls can be sent to those outside the organization as well. FindTime can encrypt personal information like e-mail IDs and e-mail subject in Azure along with participants and e-mail body.