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Microsoft Provides New AI-Based Office Suite Enhancements for Mac Users

By CIOReview | Monday, May 21, 2018

Recently Microsoft announced new set of feature updates to Office 365 which includes ink analysis and ink gesture features on MS Word and PowerPoint. Also, there have been advancements based on artificial intelligence (AI) for MS Word on Mac, along with features for using MS Outlook on iOS.

Microsoft has introduced various new features for the Office 365 suite, among which are the augmented shape and text identification on Windows Ink, which plays a critical role in converting handwriting—shapes and words—into text and identified shapes. The use of natural pen-based gestures enables users to dissect a paragraph into multiple lines and add words to any sentence.  

The addition of AI enhancements allows the Mac user to translate written documents into over 60 different languages. The use of neural machine translation affirms precise and relevant results. The backing of LinkedIn, Microsoft’s professional social media platform, helps better resumes to be created using Resume Assistant with customized insights.

The complete Microsoft Suite for iOS and Android will be available to Office 365 Business Essentials, F1, and E1 subscriptions, offering the capability to create, edit and share documents while being mobile. Also, the new updates help to protect user privacy by preventing the forwarding of calendar invitation to recipients that are not relevant. Also, the implementation of advanced threat protection into Microsoft 365 business enables prevention of data loss and unintentional data leaks, improving overall security.

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