Microsoft's VC3 Technology Achieves Data Integrity on Cloud

By CIOReview | Monday, May 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft reveals its latest security technology that ensures data integrity on the cloud. The company has developed a MapReduce framework termed Verifiable Confidential Cloud Computing (VC3) that guarantees security against any tampering of customer data on cloud.

Cloud providers enable their customers to deploy their workload on cloud by providing them access to thousands of computers in the data centers. These large-scale distributed computing scenarios are executed using frameworks such as MapReduce, a popular programming model for processing large data sets. Through VC3, Microsoft stores data in such a way that no one else – including those working in the cloud environment – can view or access the data. By loading client data on a secure hardware in the cloud where the data is first decrypted, processed and re-encrypted, the data integrity is achieved.

The new security approach ensures confidentiality and integrity for both code and data. It also guarantees uncompromised distributed computation.

Microsoft has developed two new security protocols for each MapReduce job for cloud attestation and key exchange as well as for job execution and verification of its success. It establishes data security by reduction to standard cryptographic assumptions.