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Microsoft Streamlines its Development Platform for Modern Software Requirements

By CIOReview | Monday, June 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Upholding the existence of an organization, softwarehave become a driving force for every organization to function successfully.  Always in move for enhancing their potential, companies keep on reinventing themselves by adopting and bringing in unique designs, applications, operational models and other technological innovations.

With Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software solution which is proving to be a powerful tool in helping companies dramatically improve all facets of software design, development, deployment and ongoing administration, Microsoft Visual Studio delivers a flexible and agile environment that adapts needs, removes barriers between roles, and streamlines processes to focus on delivering high-quality software faster and more efficiently.

Visual Studio with its years of ALM expertise has facilitated software development organizations to break free of rigid, process-oriented application lifecycles that isolate development, testing, project management and operations teams. The solution incorporates advanced features in terms of its agility, source control, test, release and cross-platforms.

By allowing companies to prioritize and visualize the important work for each team contributing to the projects, Visual Studio ALM pairs drag-and-drop backlog management with configurable Kanban boards. The customizable dashboards ensure that everyone has visibility into the values delivered by the teams.   

When it comes to source control, the solution irrespective of the company’s choice either centralized or decentralized extends tools for managing codebase to the teams. Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) provides the control and features needed for centrally managing the company’s code. It supports thousands of developers in a single repository with advanced branching, merging and visualization capabilities, manage permissions at any level including regulatory compliance needs for auditing at any level.

Aiding customers for test automation, manual and exploratory test passes, and load and performance runs, Visual Studio captures rich information in context allowing teams to reproduce bugs and ensure quality throughout the development process.

Faster the deployment of software, quicker will be the feedback; with release management in Visual Studio companies can configure, approve and deploy applications for any environment. They can create automated deployment orchestrations for each environment no matter how complex the configuration is.  It offers an updated, easy and validated software solution for the customers.

With the support of Application Lifecycle Management services in Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server, the teams can develop software for different platforms using various developer tools, such as Eclipse and Xcode, on a single, unified and flexible collaboration environment which includes cloud and non-Windows platforms.

In addition, solution allows cross-platform capabilities such as Xamarin for building native applications on Android and iOS devices.