Microsoft to Improve Office 365 Connectivity with Azure ExpressRoute

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: In order to optimize network capacity, Microsoft IT has announced Azure ExpressRoute availability for Office 365 users to establish a managed network connection to Office 365 as an alternative to connecting over the Internet.ExpressRoute, a private and secure link to Azure cloud services has been announced by Microsoft last year.

Azure ExpressRoute is a cloud integration solution offering reliable and secure connection to transfer high-performance computing applications data from on-premises systems to Azure. According to Noam Shendar, VP of Business Development, Zadara Storage, by utilizing ExpressRoute, enterprise customers can have access to high performance cloud storage with network latency speed upto 2 Milliseconds. It enables organizations extend their datacenter capabilities without having to compromise on network performance and security. It is also ideal for periodic data migration, disaster recovery and building reliable hybrid applications that span on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, it supports point-to-point network connections

Office 365, a productivity software plus subscription service for document collaboration and communications equips enterprise users with social networking services, cloud storage software, Exchange Server and SharePoint. With ExpressRoute expanded connectivity, Office 365 users can take benefit of long-term cost savings, predictable network performance, service level agreement for guaranteed availability and more data privacy, eliminating the need of public Internet.

Microsoft is also offering both Azure and Office 365 services on a single network connection. ExpressRoute for Office 365 is available from Verizon, British Telecom, Equinix, Tata Communications and TeleCity Group. To deploy ExpressRoute for Office 365, initially organizations require Azure subscription and later they can notify their network operator to generate additional required networkbandwidth for turning on connectivity. Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology users can add Office 365 as a node on their WAN which will perform like an offsite datacenter.

In addition, Microsoft delivers Office Client Performance Analyzer (OCPA) - a set of network performance examination tools with performance test metrics which can be downloaded from the Office 365 admin console.