Microsoft to Open Source Key Components of Chakra JavaScript Engine

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft is all set to open source the core components of Chakra JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge as “ChakraCore.” The ChakraCore sources will be made available on GitHub under the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) license, says Adalberto Foresti, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Edge Dev Platform and Gaurav Seth, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft.

ChakraCore serves as a code repository that offers best-in-class JavaScript execution with the broadest set of ES2015 feature coverage and dependable performance, reliability and scalability, targeting cloud-based services, IoT and beyond, note Foresti and Seth. They also said that Microsoft will develop the ChakraCore community by working with Intel, AMD, and NodeSource.

Chakra JavaScript can power server-side applications, cloud-based services, NoSQL databases, game engines, front-end tools, productivity software and IoT. It is further optimized to support native interoperability, greater scalability and the ability to control resource consumption to execute code within constrained resource environments.

Chakra powers Universal Windows applications across all form factors supporting Windows 10. It is used by TypeScript and runs Node.js with it, to make Node.js available on a new IoT platform: Windows 10 IoT Core.

Chakra supports most of the ECMAScript 2015 features, and it supports some future ECMAScript proposals, such as Async Functions. It supports asm.js and is a key player in helping evolve WebAssembly and its associated infrastructure.

Further, ChakraCore will support a new set of modern diagnostic APIs which could be standardized or made interoperable across different implementations.

"Releasing Chakra as open source paves the way for adoption by other software products and projects across the ecosystem, from the cloud to desktop to IoT," said Bill Weinberg, president and principal analyst, LinuxPundit.