Microwave System Serves Touchstone Electric Coop With Ethernet Orders

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

STAFFORD, TX: Ethernet not only helps using a modern tech application but, also renders sound benefits like IP services, network based cyber security controls, separation of traffic services, simplified network management, reliability, network availability and IP controls. Ethernet microwave systems also includes digital services like VoIP, P-25 or DMR land mobile radio, IP video, IP SCADA, and serial SCADA.

When Ethernet is supported by TDM legacy equipment, a pseudowire is added which allows a systematic growth from a TDM to broadband Ethernet/IP network. Example of Ethernet with pseudowire includes Serial SCADA systems that known for popular life cycle. These also extend utility return on investment of the TDM device.

Touchstone electric cooperative placed an order of standby Proteus MX radios to Microwave Networks in January 2016. In return, Microwave is supplying full turnkey services including network engineering, program management, factory staging, factory acceptance tests, installation supervision, field acceptance, training, and customer support. The radios are designed with critical dependency factors making it further useful for Touchstone.

Aviad Gefen, President and CEO of Microwave Networks said, “We are pleased to deliver and support an Ethernet/IP microwave system to another Touchstone electric cooperative, by providing an innovative custom design that helps them transition their network to new IP services.”

Gefen describes the order as, “The Proteus solution not only delivers highly reliable mission critical communications, but supports the requirements of evolving IP services such as Smart Grid. In addition, we are the first company in the microwave industry to offer cyber security controls in our networks. Cyber threats are a major concern for highly sensitive critical infrastructure. The transition to modern Ethernet/IP services must be carefully planned and executed, while preparing for cyber security.”

The Microwave  Networks’ Proteus CyberShield gateway render strict cyber security benefits like    Identity Management, IPSec VPNs for endpoint security, Access Control Lists (ACL) for distributed firewalls protecting network segments, and  Deep Packet Inspection of a variety of SCADA protocols including ModBus and DNP3. This together enables the technical, operational, and management security controls through NERC-CIP V5 standards.