Mid-Atlantic Cold Storage Opts for Datex FootPrint WMS

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CLEARWATER, FL: Datex, a developer of supply chain software, has announced that its 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been successfully implemented for their client Mid-Atlantic Cold Storage (MACS).

MACS is a refrigerated warehouse facility in Suffolk, Virginia which is of strategic importance as it is close to the distribution hub. This makes it necessary to equip itself to handle client requirements at short notice.

Datex FootPrint WMS functionality includes temperature capture, inventory restriction capabilities by specific temperature zones and catch weight. Advanced inventory track and trace and workflow driven business rules are the other key features of this WMS making it ideally suited to cold storage warehouse operations.

The software’s design enables organized customizable reporting, 3PL billing; the web portal enhances the functionality of 3PL cold storage warehouse operations. WMS is a key part of the supply chain as it monitors the progress of products through the warehouse and involves the physical warehouse infrastructure, tracking systems, and communication between product stations.

"Datex FootPrint WMS is the technology platform that allows us to meet the needs of our customers and add value to our 3PL services. We are very impressed with the Datex implementation and look forward to having a successful and long term partnership with our new technology partner,” says Mike Group, Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Cold Storage.