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Middle Atlantic Introduces New Rack Certified to Meet California's OSHPD OPM Seismic Safety Standards

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Middle Atlantic Products is a brand of Legrand | AV, announces the AXS-IR, the new addition to its family of Slide Out Racks in Steel Enclosures.

FREMONT, CA: The AXS-IR is mainly designed, tested, and certified to meet California's Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD) voluntary Preapproval of Manufacturer (OPM)'s Certification standards specified for seismic design of supports and attachments for the nonstructural components to be utilized in the state's healthcare facilities and the hospitals. In the event of any seismic activity, the AXS-IR makes sure that the equipment remains operational and that the rack stays safely anchored to the floor when installed with the optional seismic kit.

"We strive to not only make the integrator's job easier and to ensure the reliability of the systems installed into our enclosures, but also to adhere to the best practices of the AV profession and the strictest building and facility standards and codes, even as they evolve," states Jay Franetovich, product manager for racks and accessories at Legrand | AV — Middle Atlantic. "The AXS-IR builds upon our offering of seismic-certified solutions. Our customers in California's healthcare market have an enclosure that's ready and approved to use on projects under OSHPD's jurisdiction."

Also, adding to the AXS-IR's ability to withstand seismic activity, it is based around the strength and the features of the No. 1-selling BGR rack and the CEDIA Hall of Fame-honored and patented AXS enclosure series. Integrators have provided rear access to equipment and connections with a rack frame, which slides out from inside the steel enclosure through a track and stand system. This enables for easy wiring, installation of devices, and servicing all while saving valuable space in the environment. When complete, the integrator slides the rack back into the steel enclosure where it locks in place. To accommodate almost any size system, the AXS-IR is provided in several rack heights ranging from 35 to 42 rack spaces and various depths, 20- and 26-inch.