Midrex Partners with Synthetic Energy Systems to Optimize DRI Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2015

CHARLOTTE, N.C: Midrex Technologies, manufacturer and technology supplier for the direct reduction of iron ore products has aligned with Synthesis Energy Systems (SES), innovator of gasification technology for Project Alliance Agreement which will integrate and optimize direct reduction ironmaking(DRI) technology using coal gasification process.  

Midrex will spearhead marketing, sales and proposal development process along with construction of fully integrated solution for the deployment of project for its customers.  SES will provide Gasification Technology for the project including engineering, key equipment and technical services. “Paring SES Gasification Technology with Midrex’s MXCOL DRI technology will result in cleaner, high quality inronmaking, especially in regions with limited natural gas resources, this will pave way for new market opportunities for DRI by giving single point source for a complete plant solution for our customers,” says James D. McClaskey, President and CEO of Midrex Technologies.

The combined technology will develop advanced clean synthetic gas from abundant, low quality, locally sourced coal in order to convert iron ore into high-purity DRI. The main objective is to create high value products from low cost feed stocks such as coal and biomass. “We partnered product is capable of converting any coal, including Low-rank lignite, coal waste and coal with high ash or moisture content into synthetic gas for DRI steelmaking that will enable growth and blue skies,” says  Robert W. Rigdon, President and CEO of Synthetic Energy Systems.