MILL And TURN with Geomagics VisualCAM 2014
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MILL And TURN with Geomagics VisualCAM 2014

By CIOReview | Friday, January 24, 2014

Fremont: 3D Systems, a provider of 3D printer and print materials, in collaboration with MecSoft Corporation, the pioneer in developing CAD/CAM software solutions since 1997, released the VisualCAM 2014 for Geomagic. The software includes two CAM modules, MILL and TURN, which work together in unison inside the Geomagic CAD program, which can be purchased and licensed independently. The TURN module has been introduced newly; while the MILL module has been enhanced and improved to provide customers with a powerful and comprehensive manufacturing experience.

“This is an important release for MecSoft, in that it features a brand new TURN module and also a greatly improved MILL module. With this new functionality together with the seamless integration inside Geomagic Design, we continue to provide leading edge manufacturing capabilities for Geomagic Design users worldwide,” stated Joe Anand, President and CEO, MecSoft Corporation.

 “MecSoft is a valuable partner for 3D Systems, providing the only integrated CAM solution for Geomagic Design. We’re excited to see the product mature with the release of VisualCAM 2014 for Geomagic, and we look forward to our continued relationship with MecSoft Corporation,” stated Calvin Hur, Vice President and General Manager, Geomagic Solutions, 3D Systems.

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