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mimik technology Partners with IBM to Develop AI-Enabled Workflow Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, December 28, 2020

mimik technology, Inc. announced that it is working with IBM to develop collaborative AI-enabled workflow solutions to help drive automation and digital transformation.

FREMONT, CA: A leading hybrid edge cloud business, mimik technology, Inc. recently announced that it is working with IBM to develop collaborative AI-enabled workflow solutions to help drive automation and digital transformation through manufacturing, retail, IoT, and healthcare. The hybrid edgeCloud platform converts cloud applications from a fixed client-server model to a fully distributed architecture, allowing client devices to operate as servers, where server functionality is restricted to servers in data centers and gateways. Through this partnership, mimik aims to expand the management of IoT and edge devices through IBM Edge Application Managers and support for edge clusters by allowing containerized workloads to be deployed on mobile devices running iOS, Android, QNX, and Windows.

 With a projected 24.1 billion connected devices by 2030 and millions of apps and systems interacting and communicating with each other through domains powered by data and artificial intelligence, the company is in the midst of a mobile internet transformation to a hyper-connected internet. The explosion of smart devices at the edge has been propelled by enterprise cloud transition, IoT, and 5G trends. As a result, internet bandwidth and processing capacity in centralized data centers are straining to handle the volume of new data at the edge of the network coming from connected devices. Client applications are getting more complicated and challenging to build, upgrade, and manage at the same time. Mimik will collaborate its hybrid edgeCloud platform with IBM's Edge Application Manager, which runs on Red Hat OpenShift, to enable devices with computing resources, like PCs, smartphones, routers, game consoles, and IoT gateways and FreeRTOS sensors, as well as a wide range of Linux-based edge devices and clusters to have containerized computing abilities

"We are excited to work with IBM and to leverage its expertise in hybrid cloud computing and software delivery solutions like IBM Edge Application Manager," said Fay Arjomandi, Founder, President & CEO, mimik. "Our collaboration will help customers across industries to architect transformative solutions that combine mimiks edge cloud technology with IBMs cloud and AI infrastructure to address the industrys demand for digital transformation."