MINDBODY Releases Class Check-in App for Improved Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA: Being a business management software provider in wellness industry, MINDBODY has developed a new mobile application to simplify the class check-in process. The ‘Class Check-in’ app improves the customer and front-end staff experience for wellness businesses.

Arriving into a crowded room can give a negative impact on the overall customer experience. Valuable time and attention is required from the staff and instructors to handle such situations. The app enables an organized arrival of customers through easy self check-in.

The mobile application is available in iTunes App Store, to be used on Apple iPad. For easier access, the app-enabled devices can be stationed at the front desk or outside the classrooms. Customers can search for their name and tap to mark their presence to the class, which is followed by a chime to ensure their check-in. Also, details regarding the number of classes left in their package or time for renewal is made available.

Self check-in is advantageous as it frees up time for front desk staff and instructors. The free time can let instructors prepare the room and equipments for the next class and personally welcome customers.

“This app has been great because students can take care of signing themselves in and getting situated, while our front desk can help new students by providing them with information and more attention,” explains Stephanie Stackhouse, Owner, SLO Yoga Center.