Mindshare Launches Counting Words, a Social Insight Tool

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Mindshare North America, a specialist in social marketing, media planning and buying launches its latest addition – counting words in a suite of tools developed by Mindshare Labs for The LOOP, the agency’s adaptive marketing operating systems.

Counting words is designed to help clients modify their marketplace positions across social media using keywords and other descriptive components to increase online visibility. It maps consumer conversations on brand-by-brand basis through a visual dashboard the analyses spatial relationships of key target words and messaging between brands within a category.

"Our work in The LOOP influences paid media decisions to shift investments in real-time. We have great partners and employ the best off-the-shelf tools, but there are times we need to create customized solutions because our offering is unique. Mindshare Labs develops and adapts tools to stay ahead of the marketplace and to meet and exceed the needs of our clients," says Colin Kinsella, CEO, Mindshare North America.

The solution evaluates competitive brands and their perceived positioning; analysis of brand social conversations volume and related adjective breakdown; visibility of a brand compared to competitive brands and also gives real-time measurement of pre-campaign and post-campaign brand territory ownership.

Additionally, Mindshare is coming up with three new solutions for its suite of tools namely Moments, The Map and Explorer. Moments is an identification tool which delivers relevant content at apt time to its customers. It combines a multitude of different daily and weekly time series data to find trends, correlations and casual relationships. The Map is  a geo-analysis tool that combines geographical data to generate insights into local-level consumer behaviors, contextual factors, and media trends, campaign performance and distribution patterns. Explorer,  the media touchpoints tool visually maps and analyses consumer pathways and provides quick, accurate and fast-moving insights for planner and buyers.