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Mio Application has made Direct Chat in Group Easier for the Employees

By CIOReview | Monday, October 7, 2019

Mio is empowering flawless communication between Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex Teams. The technology is helping to solve a common problem that exists in modern enterprises, which is having too many siloed messaging applications. With Mio, employees can directly chat and share files in groups and get many other benefits.

FREMONT, CA: Enterprise communications always fragmented with multiple messaging platforms that often co-exist along with each other in the same organization. For example, it is not uncommon for an engineering team to use Slack, while their colleagues depend on Microsoft or Webex for conducting team c

ollaboration. The establishment of these multi-vendor collaboration creates a barrier to the real-time interactions between the co-workers leading to lower productivity and inefficiency.

To put an end to these silos in the enterprise communication, Mio has offered a solution that synchronizes the messaging applications and drives flawless real-time communication. Mio is the provider of enterprise interoperability between Slack, Microsoft, and Cisco environments. The organization has found compelling evidence that Microsoft and Slack have to learn to play together in the battle of team collaboration supremacy.

With the enterprises moving from one-size-fits-all platforms to integrated communications and collaboration experience, the statistics from the Mio Workplace Messaging Report shows that:

• 66% of companies using Microsoft Teams say they are also Slack customers

• 57% suggest less Skype for Business usage in the next two years

• 65% of Office 365 users said they are already using Slack

Mio CEO, Tom Hadfield, said, "Many Microsoft customers are choosing to adopt Teams because it's bundled for free with Office 365. Our data shows they are also allowing engineering teams and others to continue to u

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se Slack as well."

This year, a significant interoperability move has been made by Microsoft by announcing its partnership with Oracle. The improved cloud collaboration has been designed for creating a superior experience for the enterprises running both the services of Oracle and Microsoft. With regard to this, Hadfield added, "With 91% of businesses using multiple messaging apps, all IT decision-makers need an interoperability strategy to ensure Microsoft Teams and Slack can peacefully co-exist alongside each other."

Here's a look at how Mio enhances employee communications.

Direct Messages

Mio regenerates enterprise communication with the help of cross-platform direct messaging.

Messaging Features

Mio also allows its users to upload files, thread messages, and edit or delete a message while they are communicating in real-time with colleagues using a different application for messaging.

Breaking up Collaboration Silos

Mio also empowers its clients with break down barriers in enterprise communication and relay messages across different applications.

As Mio is the only company that provides total messaging interoperability between Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex Teams, it helps clients with a quick and efficient process of sending direct and group messages. Clients can also easily share emojis, threaded messages, and even upload files in competing platforms. The administration also benefits from a one-time configuration, and the application invisibly sits within every messaging application to relay chat. The users remain unaffected, and they get the same experience but with refined access to their colleagues with whom chatting was not possible previously. Mio has been featured in CIOReview as one of the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Communication Solution Providers 2019.

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