Mirror Image and AuriQ Systems to Ease Mobile Data Collection

By CIOReview | Friday, May 15, 2015

PASADENA, CA: Mirror Image, a provider of edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions has partnered with AuriQ Systems, a provider of Web Analytics and Transaction Monitoring Solutions to enable companies to use enhanced online data collection and reporting facilities in their applications.

The agreement allows Mirror Image’s ready-built, data-collection application suite, PixTracker to integrate with AuriQ’s high performance log data processing engine, Essentia. The integration therefore helps companies to incorporate real time capabilities that include data collection, universal ad tag processing, cookie manipulation, and dynamic redirect URL processing into their technology offerings.

 “Marketers face a big challenge with the vast amount of user activity data they need to analyze today, and they’re looking for ways to incorporate new features while improving the performance of that data,” says Michael Nam, Senior Account Manager, AuriQ. “Our collaboration with Mirror Image will help online and mobile companies improve their competitiveness by driving actionable intelligence, increasing the speed and relevancy of their data, and maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs.”

“This new partnership provides companies with a compelling competitive advantage, enabling marketers to extract new and greater insights from their data,” says Robert Andrews, Chief Operating Officer, Mirror Image. “The combination of AuriQ’s Essentia solution and Mirror Image’s PixTracker lets companies to more easily extract actionable intelligence from their data, and spend less time and expense managing infrastructure and processing data, helping them innovate and stay ahead of the competition.”