Mitratech Announces Addition to its TAP Workflow Automation to Expedite Legal Operations
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Mitratech Announces Addition to its TAP Workflow Automation to Expedite Legal Operations

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Jason Parkman, CEO

Jason Parkman, CEO

Legal departments today manage the work efficiently in-house than feeding work to some outside counsel like in the past. However, a proven technology partner like Mitratech can only help legal firms in pursuing the vision of enabling this shift and expanding their responsibilities. In the recent development, Mitratech, the pioneering provider of legal, compliance, and operational risk software solutions, has announced at CLOC 2019 the new capabilities and benefits for its fast-growing community of customers using TAP Workflow Automation to automate and innovate legal processes.

As Jason Parkman, CEO at Mitratech says, “Technology is a force multiplier to bringing visibility, predictability, and control to an organization’s legal and compliance work. We empower legal teams with the right technology to manage all their matters with the same level of confidence in control, no matter what type of staffing model client has chosen to use.” The proven global technology partner for corporate legal professionals Mitratech is listed in CIO Review’s ‘20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers 2019.’

Mitratech excels in setting a standard for enterprise legal management with its Tap Workflow Automation by allowing legal firms to work with departments across the organization efficiently. This business workflow automation software that is proven in practice delivers proven cloud-based legal workflow automation benefits for demanding organizations, and over the past years, 26 new legal departments have selected TAP to extend their services and operation across the enterprise.

Added to Mitratech’s portfolio at CLOC 2018, TAP includes electronic signature strengthening, partner and supplier agreements, the management of documents or forms such as NDA’s retention letters and contracts, and virtually any other internal approval. TAPSign helps clients to digitally accelerate business processes and comply with sustainability efforts to replace paper with digital forms and documents.

The latest release also includes simple, one-click import and export capability for bringing in new workflow designs or sharing them out with others. Along with the new capacity of TAP Mitratech announced a new TAP Co-Innovation Center where customers can go and view the process automation ideas and uses cases of peer companies and share workflows. This provision thematizes co-innovation between customers, employees, and partners in TAP ecosystem to revolutionize the legal operations community.

“Through Mitratech’s TAP Co-Innovation Center, we realize the opportunity to develop and share ideas on how we can use TAP to improve - if not eliminate – effort heavy, high volume/low risk business processes in our organization and between our Legal systems,” said Greg Bennett, senior manager, legal operations, Gilead Sciences. “More importantly, the Innovation Center provides a front-row seat to see how this technology is rapidly shaping a new landscape in the legal business.”

“Mitratech could not be more excited about the innovation we are seeing in the delivery of legal services across the legal operations and TAP community here at CLOC. Our customers are creating true Legal Service Centers that improve outcomes by promoting innovation and excellence across not just the legal department, but the entire enterprise,” further added Parkman.