mixi Integrates Juniper Solution as High-Performance QFabric

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

FREMONT, CA: mixi, a Japanese social networking service provider and smartphone gaming developer reveals its plans to execute Juniper Networks data center solution via Juniper Networks QFX5100 Ethernet Switches. Juniper Networks, a global supplier of high-performance network solution extends its support to Multiprotocol Label Switching/ Virtual routing and forwarding (MPLS/VRF).

"mixi operates in an incredibly vibrant and dynamic space, which can be a challenge to ensure a flexible operating environment to keep up with changes in service demand. Our MPLS/VFR solution makes it much easier for mixi to juggle workloads between their own data centers and cloud service providers, enabling agility and adaptation to new trends," says Tomohiro Furuva, CM, Juniper Networks.

Juniper Networks’s MX480 3D Universal Edge Routers  and EX Series switches will help overcoming mixi’s critical operational congestions by integrating those solutions accordingly. It enhances workload movement seamlessly and dynamically between their in-house and outsourced cloud data center. The solution enables IT transformation and supports software-defined networking adoption. It also tackles continuous deployment and delivery of application. Its multiple deployment options which include fabric, Layer3, spine and, Leaf has made the solution a global platform for data centre switching architectures and authorizes users to adapt it as per their requirement.

The QFX5100 provides valuable performance and troubleshooting data through microburst monitoring and hotspot statistics. Many Companies implements the solution as a high-performance QFabric node within Juniper’s high-scale QFabric System, which is deployed in Juniper’s new Virtual Chassis Fabric Switching architecture.  The company’s new Virtual Chassis technology offers spine-and-leaf topology that is ideal for high-performance and low-latency data center deployments.

Juniper Networks notifies innovation in software across routing, silicon and systems also transforms experience and economics of networking.  Its cloud based solution develops mixi’s services and delivery process within its own data centers. QFX5100 is enlarging mix’s resourcing flexibility by solving IP address duplication issues and controlling access control list (ACL).