Moasis Launches Location Intelligence Program for Effective Mobile Advertising

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Moasis, a location technology company launches its latest solution- Moasis for Advertisers, and integrated platform allowing brands and marketers and agencies to optimize performance with multi-dimensional location intelligence.

The solution locates relevant audience, delivers messages individually and real-time communication capabilities. The technology will streamline all location-related information in a structured manner, applies predictive tools with real-time decision and delivery system providing apt communications at right time and location to mobile devices.

How it works

Moasis for Advertisers provides unique location intelligence with target audience approach and Moasis’ unified Contextual Location Services (CLS) platform streamlines and delivers apt content by defining location including environmental conditions, time and date, demographics and past behavior of customers in a particular location. Additionally, Moasis Geo-Grid technology offers accurate audience targeting with wide use of geo-fence.

The key elements of this solution are; a single built system for real-time interactions; multi-dimensional location intelligence; predictive analytics which monitors audience movements and analyzes opportunities to direct communications to area in real time; programmatic decision and delivery to drive performance with effective attributions.   

"We have always recognized the mobile revolution would require a fundamentally different technology to create contextually relevant communications experiences. Today, we're now seeing increasing demand in the market, and that's in response to rapidly rising consumer expectations for personalized relevance as they move through their world. The benefits have been transformative for our clients but as we look towards the future, the need for targeted content goes beyond just brands and marketers -- our technology can serve local businesses, developers, government and any organization where location context is key to delivering a more engaging experience,” explains Ryan Golden, CEO and Co-Founder, Moasis.