Mobile App Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing
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Mobile App Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing

By CIOReview | Monday, February 20, 2017

There has been a huge surge in use of mobile app analytics tools fueled by the realization that data from diverse sources can be leveraged to streamline business operations. For enterprises looking to develop, optimize, and market apps to improve user experience, implementing mobile business intelligence and analytics tools has become mission-critical to sustain in a hyper-competitive market.  

Mobile app analytics tools help marketers and webmasters in analyzing data from multiple touchpoints in one place to measure user behavior across a mobile app. Here’s a look at some popular mobile app analytics tools that digital marketers are actively adopting to measure the performance of their campaigns.

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Google Analytics is particularly beneficial for eCommerce mobile app owners as it helps them measure the impact of their marketing efforts. The analytics platform can be integrated with Google Play and the App Store to help the app owners gain insights—referral links, advertising campaigns using AdWords or AdMob, social media shares, and search results on. Google Analytics helps the app owners with choosing the right KPIs such as visitors, conversion rates, average transactions, and in-app purchases to measure the progress of their marketing campaigns.


The unique cross-platform functionality makes Google AdMob compatible with both Android and iOS. Powered by Google's ad technology, AdMob helps users gain better insights about their users and in turn maximize their ad revenue. The platform seamlessly integrates with Google Play services to enhance the performance of Android apps.

Designed to offer app owners with deeper insights by blending traditional performance metrics and advanced customer data, Foxmetrics plays an instrumental role in helping them personalize customer experiences and enhance bottom lines.

An analytics app developed to help the app owner track their customers’ online shopping patterns, Clicktale offers unique visualization and usability features to enhance their shopping experience using the app.

A comprehensive marketing analytics platform, GoSquared handles live chat, offers customer relationship management and seamlessly integrates with other apps to enhance the overall business growth. The analytics platform offers the users valuable insights to help them grow their online presence proactively.   

Amazon Mobile Analytics

Amazon Mobile Analytics service has been built to help the app owners with collecting, visualizing and comprehending their app usage data. The scalable service allows users to collect and process billions of user-related events in a day. Proffered through an AWS Mobile SDK which can be integrated with an iOS or Android app, the app owners can start accessing their analytics reports and app usage. In addition to tracking trends such as new and returning users, app revenue, user retention, and customer in-app behavior patterns, the Amazon Mobile Analytics solution allows app users to make data-driven decisions and increase customer-engagement.

Available as a part of the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, Flurry Analytics is a free analytics app that allows users to access usage statistics—active users, number of sessions, and technical data on devices. Additionally, the app offers conversion tracking using events and funnels. Equipped with customizable dashboards, Flurry gives users quick access to conversion data without the need to dig in deep into complicated menus.

Developing a mobile app for a business is just the first step as what follows is tracking of the app’s performance across multiple mobile channels. Tracking a mobile app’s performance contributes immensely to the growth and expansion goals of a business. Integrating robust analytics capabilities with an in-user mobile app is a strategic move for enterprises to stay competitive today.

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