Mobile App for Pediatric Emergency Medicine
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Mobile App for Pediatric Emergency Medicine

By CIOReview | Monday, August 10, 2015

ATLANTA, GA – The publisher of various medical journals including clinical journals, Emergency Medicine Practice, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice EB Medicine recently announced its partnership with AgileMD, a web, mobile, and Electronic Health Record (EHR)-integrated software application service provider to release a mobile application for pediatric emergency medicine.

In a statement Stephanie Williford says, “We saw very high adoption rates by our physician subscribers as well as participants in our resident program. And, through collaboration with our technology partner, AgileMD, we have since rolled out both our pediatric emergency medicine and hospital medicine journals via mobile app. It is our goal is to supply clinicians with point-of-care diagnosis and treatment information that will enable them to provide more effective and efficient care for their patients.”

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice is being delivered in both printed and digital format with addition of AgileMD application from August 1st onwards. The journal currently includes topics concerned with management of children with special needs, myocarditis and pericarditis in padiatric patients, and endotracheal intubation in pediatric patients and lot more.

Powered by AgileMD, the app available on both iOS and Android platform provides users with functionalities that allows for criteria based search of the entire publication library--enabling physicians to access tons of information from their mobile devices. The content is updated in real time so that new clinical topics are available to the users as soon as they are released.

The application also features user friendly reference tools, such as bookmarking and taking notes that enable practitioners to easily follow up on cases through their research.

The ultimate goal of EB Medicine's publications and mobile applications is primarily to help physicians continue to build on their clinical expertise and provide the highest level of care possible – while earning much-needed CME credit simultaneously.

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