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Mobile Applications are Reforming the Healthcare Landscape

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The ardor to lead healthier and longer lives is driving continuous advancements and research in the healthcare sector. Be it doctor’s consultation, fixing appointments, writing prescriptions, purchasing medicines, or healthcare checkups, everything is being redefined by mobile applications in today’s healthcare market. ChronicCareIQ, Medisafe, Insight Optics, WebMD Symptom Checker, and Digital Pharmacist are some healthcare technology apps that are transforming the industry. WebMD Symptom Checker is one of the most popular mHealth apps used by Android and iOS users today. The app lets users choose the part of the body that is affected, select the symptoms experienced, and then helps analyze the problems to provide information about potential conditions. The physicians then review all the medical data in the WebMD app and provide medication. ChronicCareIQ, a chronic care management app, lets patients answer questions remotely on a daily basis which doctors and physicians view and analyze. Medisafe, a medication management app, serves as a virtual pillbox on the user’s smartphone. It differentiates pills by color using image capturing, stores the schedules of medicine intake, their dosage, and alerts doctors automatically when the patient doesn’t take the medication.

Insight Optics, another healthcare app, was created for primary care physicians (PCPs) to provide eye examinations during yearly health checkups. The PCP has an ophthalmoscope compatible with their smartphone, which allows them to take high-resolution images of the patient’s retina through their smartphone. Those photos are then shared with an ophthalmologist for further review through the app. Digital pharmacist, a custom application, allows pharmacists to easily communicate with customers, guide them about different medications, and make prescriptions and refills through the mobile application.

No matter where a person is, they can connect with doctors and specialists from around the world on voice or through video calls to enquire or ask for help. Healthcare mobile app development has opened a variety of opportunities for medical institutions, doctors, and nurses and is slowly transforming the future of healthcare.

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