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Mobile Applications Hold Keys to Improve Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, April 15, 2019

Today's customers place a high value on every communication they have with a brand. Whether they see an advertisement, visit a storefront, or download a mobile application each interaction counts a precious opportunity for a brand to drive lasting customer loyalty. When it comes to mobile customer experience, the expectation customers have is just as high as they have for all other engagement points or much higher. Mobile requires an entirely innovative set of best practices to help shape a strong customer experience.

Marketers must revitalize the optimization of the mobile experience as part of a successful multi-channel strategy, with more consumers starting their purchase journey on mobile devices. Failure in delivering an exceptional mobile experience can cost companies with missed opportunities and lost revenue. A great mobile experience should encompass tactics such as ensuring websites are mobile-friendly, emails use mobile-optimized design, and speed and other design elements are optimized. It is equally important to understand customers in-depth– their online and offline behavior, demographic and lifestyle characteristics, and what influences them to purchase—  just as understanding how mobile is used across the purchase journey.

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Brands must ensure that their messages to mobile customers are personalized based on their behaviors, demographics, interests, and according to their stage in the purchase journey. Also,  consumers research and interact with multiple brands along the purchase journey and will seek out those companies who can deliver an excellent level of engagement and rich experiences. A proper blend of consumer insights and real-time information can only pacify this requirement.  For this, marketers can implement technology solutions which can perform data integration, advanced analytics, and campaign deployment within one platform. Brands can create a highly personalized and relevant experience for mobile customers in doing so.

Mobile commerce is seen as a quicker, more comfortable and more convenient alternative to other shopping channels by customers, and they are not tolerant of anything less than that. For pacifying this insatiable appetite for mobile satisfaction, brands must embrace new mobile marketing strategies. Getting the mobile customer experience right can promise a lasting business success.

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