Mobile Insight Enhances its Retail Solutions to Increase Sales and Reduce Cost of Operations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Mobile Insight, a provider of retail optimization applications and technology solutions, announces its rebranding and restructuring to amplify its focus on providing customers with products and services that drive sales and lower costs for their retail operations.

With the company’s core retail performance management app Mobile Insight receiving a new name called Vision by Mobile Insight, the company also launches a new solution called Engage by Mobile Insight.

The set of retail enhancing solutions offered by Mobile Insight includes:

Vision by Mobile Insight:

Vision by Mobile Insight does everything the original product did with all the efficiency and sales-driving power as before. Being a mobile field reporting, field tracking and performance management application, it provides the tools and insights needed to effectively manage retail operations and field teams. By providing insight into how organization and its people are performing,this application helps retailers to improve accuracy, employee performance and customer relationships.

Engage by Mobile Insight:

Engage by Mobile Insight is company’s proprietary data gathering solution for retail customer engagement. It enables organizations to capture the relevant information needed to provide greater service to the customers.By registering with this application, customers can agree to receive communication from the retailer. Using this access, the system instantly compiles the detailed insight the retailer needs to know to further the relationship.

"We've listened to the needs and wants of our clients and prospects and are pleased to be implementing a suite of premiere retail optimization solutions that we're confident will positively impact the businesses of retailers, dealers, and brands alike. The retail environment has never been more complex and full of disruptive elements that impact our customers’ business. Our ability to combine state-of-the-art technology with best practices in our portfolio of solutions is second to none. This announcement is a preview of many great things to come," says Brett Beveridge, CEO, Mobile Insight and The Retail Outsource Companies.