Mobile Labs' deviceConnect Connects Testing Engineers in Real-Time

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

ATLANTA, GA: Mobile Labs, a provider of enterprise-grade mobile testing solutions, teams up with financial services companies to support mobile app testing through Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect. The solution addresses and assists more than 30 business units across 18 locations worldwide.

Mobile Lab’s deviceConnect is a private cloud mobile device that resolves the challenges of mobile device access management without compromising performance and security. It offers a quality end-user experience and reduces the difficulty in matching rapid mobile and digital innovation for thousands of employees globally. The execution is done by condensing mobile testing to a single pool of devices that are both accessible and shareable in real-time.

A QA manager with the financial services company says that the company can now offer multiple device and OS combinations to their teams worldwide and as well as within their internal lab through securely accessing the real devices remotely with the help of Mobile Labs. The service is automatically switches to the other engineer when the engaged engineer finishes off his job. Having succeeded in using Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect, the company amplified the use of deviceConnect to all of its call center units and resolves the customer issues expeditiously in real time.

Customer service representatives can access the similar types of devices as customers and can carry on ad-hoc training, such as practicing how to search a quote or execute a trade leveraging deviceConnect’s internal device cloud. In addition, deviceConnect eases up support representatives to re-create issues, take screenshots, share screens and experiences in real time, pull device logs, make video recordings of problems and even hand off the device to a developer for prompter care.

Don Addington, President & CEO, Mobile Labs says that with the help of deviceConnect’s remote device management and on-demand access financial services companies, particularly those with a global presence, fly high on both speedy adaptation and a happy base of clients.